Stopped Trains

A Multifandom Roleplay

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Multi-fandom Survival Horror Roleplay
"I once saw God," the tall man says, hidden in the shadows, smoking a cigarette. You can't see his face, you can't see anything but the dim light of the tip of the cigarette, burning fire and the smoke twirling like silk around the cold air. He stops for a drag and his deep voice says, "And He told me you would arrive."

And you blink and he's gone.

You are here. You don't know how or why, but you are here. Like a homeless person, you find yourself sprawling on the dirty floor of the huge train station, which echoes the announcements with a woman's voice, altered by a cheap microphone, amplified by old stereos, reverberating against the floor, bouncing off the ugly and unclean walls. You notice that there is no-one in the booth to announce this, however, and you think, "What the hell is going on and where am I?"

You want answers, but you shall be given none. You walk around. You want out. You don't know this place and there's an uncomfortable feeling in the back of your head. Everything seems so gray and lifeless. The train station is nothing but an empty, eerie place. You find a window and look outside. Your eyes grow wider.

There is nothing but destruction outside.

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Stopped Trains is a multi-fandom, post-apocalypse, survival horror type of role-play. Its style is Livejournal based. Please use the links to know about this more. Thank you and... enjoy your stay.

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